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DAN-artist universe

DAN-artist universe

The Hologram Carousel

A New Universe-Model (RTHU)


Dan Visser, Almere, Nederland



Dan Visser (DAN) *1947 (photo April 2020)

Vacuum embeds a dark matter force requiring a new universe-model (RTHU).

Refined-vacuüm (or crumbled-vacuum) embeds a "dark matter force" originated from the domain below the Planck-boumdary. This means quantum-dynamics is driven by sub-quantum-kinetica. Ths also means dark energy is variable in the RTHU, an abbreviation for Rotating Torus Hologram Universe.. This instead of constant dark energy in the classical Big Bang universe. In the RTHU therefore "duo-bits" are introduced, which are sub-quantum entangled particles located in a torus (a doughnut shape) to recalculate the quantum-entanglement of quantum-particles. Such a calculation in the RTHU is performed by a Hologram-Tensor, which is a physics-formula with numbers. This formula replaces the Planck-boundary and involves the whole domain below it, not being limited to a 1/4 of it, as in the classical Big Bang universe. Due to this replacement the RTHU consists of a lot of slightly different holograms shifted from each other. This inview is written down in my in casquade written articles posted in the vixra-archive (http://vixra.org/author/dan_visser), in the catagory mathematical physics. The choice of mathematical physics was made due to the number-driven new cosmology presenting emergent-features. The RTHU-sub-quantum-kinetica suggests just only the "impression" of a Big Bang in each of the Holograms. Such a model changes the perception of a classical Big Bang with unreachable multiversa into a "Hologram Carrousel", wherein you can go from one to the other hologram-universe. The RTHU states there was no Big Bang.

DAN, the Art-painter.

Inspired by and related to his new perspective of cosmology DAN introduced a new word for his paintings: "Duonistic Realism"! In "Duonism" the dualism is extended by calculation of entangled information like in the RTHU. Changes in reality are therefore driven by "duo-bits", which are refined information-bits compared to quantum-bits. 

DAN's "Duonistc Realism" might be interesting for private collectors, galeries and musea.

DAN's painting-collecting is for sale !!

Contact: dan.visser@planet.nl

Contact me in case of publicity or making an apointment for visit.

Read his latest articles in http://vixra.org/author/dan_visser


A large part of my painting-collection (more than shown here), plus my author-rights of articles, as well as my painting style-name (duonisme®), are for sale. The selling-price may be determined in mutual negotiations.

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