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DAN-artist universe

DAN-artist universe

The Hologram Carousel

A New Universe Model


Dan Visser, Almere, Nederland



Dan Visser (DAN) *1947 (photo April 2020)

DAN's paintings are related to his new scientific universe model.

The new universe-model establishes: There was no Big Bang.

In the new universe-model the Planck-boundary of the current Big Bang universe-model is replaced by a "Hologram Tensor". This makes the universe to be a Rotating Torus Hologram Universe (RTHU). The RTHU is scale-invariant, which means: The dynamics of the RTHU ranges from sub-quantum kinetics to rotation of the General Relativity. General Relaitivity therefore is modified with the "Hologram Tensor" and "new dark energy".

The new cosmological perspective becomes the generation of shifted parallel materialized holograms in a rotating torus, wherein "new dark energy" is 2D-time extra upon the 1D-time in the current Big Bang-universe model. Contrarily the RTHU suggests an illusive impression of a Big Bang. So, the Big Bang is not fundamental. This also means: Dualism (light is particles and waves simultanuously) is not fundamental. Therefore DAN introduced a new word for his paintings: "Duonistic Realism"! So, in "Duonism" the dualism is extended by changes of information-densities in the RTHU. The changes are gnerated by "duo-bits". 

DAN's "Duonistc Realism" might be interesting for Sothebys, private collectors, or musea.

DAN's painting-collecting is for sale !!

Contact: dan.visser@planet.nl

Read his latest articles in http://vixra.org/author/dan_visser

Contact me first in case of publicity.

A large part of my painting-collection (more than shown here), plus my author-rights of articles, as well as my painting style-name (duonismeŽ), are for sale. The selling-price may be determined in mutual negotiations.

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Contact: dan.visser@planet.nl

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