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Email: dan.visser@planet.nl

Independently presenting my publications about a new universe model "The Hologram carousel" in the UK vixra-archive: Overview: http://vixra.org/author/dan_visser.

Being also an Art-Painter.

Overview on my website: www.darkfieldnavigator.com

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Dan Visser, Almere, The Netherlands, 2019 

   DAN in 2016 at the Oostvaarders plassen in Almere.

DAN Paintings.

Inspired by a new cosmological perception, DANís Art is a fundamental expressionismí related to his cosmological Double Torus Theory emergieng Big Bang-universa in a hologram-universe. As an independent cosmologist he publishes his 'papersí in the vixra-archive. I registered my Art with a scientific term Ďduonismí, as an extension on 'dualism'. Nydia de Keyzer wrote: "DANís Art expresses the merging of a cosmology, physics and spirituality. He applies and translates his images and themes through his hypersensitive and cognitive abilities. Painting is his personal spiritual platform by forming the scientific cosmological buildingblocks. In this process he gains deeper understanding, based on his formulas representing cutting edge theories of dark matter and dark energy. He perceives this as a deeper underlaying spiritual and meaningfull reality".