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Juridical Terms


This website is called www.darkfieldnavigator.com  and has been opened on April 14 2008 by Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands and is regurlarly updated by me as the owner: No rights can be derived from my website by others than me. 

1. Other websites who prefer to put a link of my website on their website have to ask me for permission according to Article 11 of the EU regulations. In most cases permission is given, except when these websites have a pure commercial goal themeselves. So sending me an email remains necessary. My email-address is: dan.visser@planet.nl .

2. Google-search is allowed to use the link of my website in their search-machine to be found.

3. All rights reserved 2008-2022 by D.C.M. Visser (DAN), as well as the years to follow, M. Ruyshof 20, Almere, the Netherlands. My rights concern the protection of my creative products, like my original paintings, photographed-paintings and embedded textual explanations as given in my website and my scientific cosmological articles, which are hosted in the vixra-arcive UK.

4. It is allowed, only after prior written permission by me, to use my photographic-pictures or my texts, that are presented in my website.

5. It is not allowed to digitally manipulate my photographic-pictures after prior written permission and use that for purposes of which i am not informed about.

6. The author-rights of my vixra-articles are my property and carry next to a scientific value  also my finanacial investment.

7. In case the author-rights of my vixra-articles are being sold, no royalties over these articles have to be paid to me after sale.

8. Dispossession of my own financial investment in my vixra-articles by persons , committees, commissions, or states, will be prosecutied.

9. In general it is not permitted to copy, broadcast, download, store (in any medium), transmit, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way, the content of my website webpages, without prior written permission by me, Dan Visser.

10. My website-pages are regularly modified with my latest insights. To be sure of the recent staus quo contact me for information.

11. In case rejection of submitted articles to other institutions than the vixra-archive take place, this automatically implies that my submitted articles remain completely under my author-rights and demands prior written permission by me, to re-use my articles.

12. Violation and mis-use of my juridical terms for this website will be prosecuted.

Date: April 17 2019.

[historical note: My old website http://home.planet.nl/~dan.visser, dated from 1999, has been made disfunctional by the dutch internet company KPN, because of their inconsistent internal software policy, and without having taken care for the consequences towards their users-homepages at that particular time. I then have been financially compensated for that.

Then afterwards I hosted my website at webspacedesign under the domain-name www.darkfieldnavigator.com]