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My name is Dan Visser, independent cosmologist and art-painter, born in 1947. I sign my paintings with DAN, living in Almere, the Netherlands.

Mostly art-painters are socially engaged through their painting-expression, and sometimes politically too, but that is not valid for me. My motivation is based on the content of my articles about the “Hologram World”, which inspires me to make scientifically-engaged paintings. This is rather rare, so collectors, musea and scientific institutions  should open an eye on me and invest in my paintings by buying them.

The “Hologram World” replaces the classical Big Bang universe. This means the universe is marked with a new origin, shape and dynamics. This enables to make better interpretations about what dark matter and dark energy is. I revealed that in my articles hosted in the vixra-archive the catagory ‘mathematical physics’ http://vixra.org/author/dan_visser . However, only slightly complex-mathematics is involved due to using basic-algebra, dimensional analysis and a new physics-concept to conserve information.

I painted in different styles throughout the past years. Then I attached the keyword “duonism” to my painting-style. I related that to “duo-bits”, which feature the “Hologram World”, and  mark a “5th- fundamental-force”. This is done by generating subquantum-information-dynamics causing quantum dynamics to change. In this way gravitation is extended. The “duo-bits” and “5th-fundamental-force” are related to dark matter and dark energy. Through my articles I pretend to know how their main-features are. Dark matter is a force with a torus-shaped energy and only time-dependent with ‘time smaller than the Planck-time’. Dark energy is a torus-shaped variable volume-flow and also time-dependent with time smaller than the Planck-time. This refined-time for both can go forward or backward by the rotation of the torus. Everything below the Planck-border is involved in the “Hologram World”!  Evidence: A print of Lx-T measurements (Luminosity in X-rays and Temperature) published by the A&A on inter-galaxy-cluster-space shows how different expansing-rates in the classical Big Bang Universe can be correlated to my new cosmological model "the Rotating Torus Hologram Universe (RTHU)".

My recent painting is one that shows a ‘person’ embedded in a part of the “subquantum-gravitation-network”, however, i don’t know that person. The one who feels associated and interested in more details could email me dan.visser@planet.nl . In the web-frontpage you find a link to overview my articles’.

“Motto: How do you find your way in the “Hologram World”. Well I think on one hand, you observe a dismantling world, and on the other hand a world rebuilding. You are part of both. You may feel the ‘time-jump’. And make the best of it.”