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Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands



TOP-SECRET: Emergent Big Bang-Universe.

Dan Visser’s vixra-articles are to change cosmology (http://vixra.org/author/dan_visser). 

Author: ing. Dan Visser, Almere, The Netherlands (retired independent cosmologist)

Date: July 2 2018 (full article http://www.vixra.org/abs/1807.0094 )


The Big Bang is not a stand-alone beginning of the universe that came to life with the beginning of time. Originally, or so to say more fundamental, the Big Bang-universe is emergent. The existence of the Big Bang-universe is due to a ‘Rotating Torus Hologram-Universe’ (RTHU). We actually live in a RTHU. What we observe as a stand-alone Big Bang is by residue the CMB, but in fact it is an information-field of the RTHU. This is the main result of my theoretical research wherein the cognition of the origin of the universe is extended to refined time and a subdivision of the quantum-unit. I call this new perception Double Torus Theory (DTT). More theoretical evidence shows the cause why matter is dominant over anti-matter, why virtual particles go in and out of vacuum, but most of all that the total CMB rotates with 29 km/h.


Historically the physical model of the universe changed quite a few times in perception. The latest version widely accepted is a stand-alone Big Bang-universe accompanied by parallel universes. I Think an escape from one parallel universe to the other can only be possible by death because of the limit by the Planck-units. However, in this article, marked as TOP SECRET, a larger universe called the RTHU comprehends parallel universes to migrate into directly. This is only restricted by refined time and subdivision of the Planck-scale. Within such framework a large number of Big Bang-universes emerge simultaneously from the RTHU and are shifted in relation to each other. In principle parallel universes are not isolated from each other in the DTT.

A lot of articles of mine, chronologically form a package to pillar my new theoretical model RTHU, while I have not been affiliated to any institution. The mathematics I used are like Descartes’s mathematics (just algebra combined to recent insights in physics and cosmology). The choice to do so, is due to the need of applying real reality rather than using AdS/CST used in string-theory (which is not reality mathematically spoken), and which proclaims the universe has a holographic beginning, but still doesn’t know how, and still hooked to the ‘beginning of time’. In my model there is ‘no beginning of time’. I discard the Big Bang as the ‘beginning of time’. In the RTHU a repeatedly beginning of time becomes discrete in 5-steps of rotation of the hologram-universe carrying the product of relativistic time and refined time related to quantum-subdivision. After a symmetry-break of the centripetal torus-rotation the centripetal acceleration changes in a surface-acceleration of a black-sphere.

Firstly I present a short overview of some of my earlier results and insights and secondly I present a derivation (with calculation) to show the Cosmic Microwave-Background-radiation (CMB) is actually rotating as whole CMB with a velocity of 29 km/hour. I also give a view on my formula for new dark energy with dimensionally variable dark matter, both related, as well as a 6D torus-speed-tensor (Tdan), comprehending a torus-surface of 5D dark matter. Tdan compresses or expands the ‘crunched vacuum’ to generate respectively either quantum-gravity

(with its light-world) or extensively more refined (crunched) vacuum in refined time. In one of my results the understanding occurs why matter is dominant over anti-matter and what actually is the origin of virtual particles in vacuum. All of this can happen, because we are not only living in a universe created from just a hologram, but from a hologram that rotates! The hologram-rotation is the key of the emerging Big Bang-universe. I think my DTT and RTHU would make it possible to develop a ‘time-controlled dark-gravity time-machine’, which works different from the ‘old-fashioned’ wormholes. These have never come to reality and I am convinced that will never happen too.

The lack of availability of practical data about rotation of the CMB over decades, made us believe the Big Bang started as a stand-alone universe by fast expansion called inflation. Meanwhile progress has been made by new perceptions of dark energy and dark matter. In this respect I recall we are familiar with dark-gravity as a non-visible gravity observed in galaxies, additional to visible gravity, in order to explain the dynamical balance of the galaxies. However, a new perception has been introduced, wherein dark-gravity directly is related to normal-visible gravity and elastically correlated to dark energy. The key in this is due to the insight gravity is actually ‘an emergent gravity’. But a universe with a holographic start introduces an ‘impasse’ in cosmology, because of the question ‘how does such a holographic start looks like? This is exactly what I researched in my DTT and RTHU. By means of my research I developed insights to replace the Big Bang by a 5-step rotation of time-densities. Experimental results by CERN brought-up evidence of 5 slightly shifted different quantum-masses called Omega-particles. However, CERN is not being aware of the existence of an RTHU as my DTT promotes. Hence, practically spoken there is already hard evidence for my DTT and RTHU.

The DTT with an RTHU enhance the possibility for a new technology to develop a based 5D time-densities ‘time-controlled dark-gravity machine’. This scatters the imagination to ‘sail’ on ‘refined time’ in ‘crunched vacuum’ and introduces a different way of travelling than traveling through wormholes. By means of such a new ‘time-machine’ one is sailing through the holographic silence of full colored-packages of complete light-spectra. It features a scene of several shifted Big Bang-universes to fly in-between and giving the feeling of observing separated 3D-space and 1D-time universes, and yes, that’s what I described as shifted Big Bang-universes, but now observed from slits in-between the spaces. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Start to read my articles in the vixra-archive,. See how I got from one to the other article, sharpening my mind to find what the real origin of the universe is. Start with the latest article, learn Dutch and remember the Brexit, because the rest of this article is written in Dutch.

I also make paintings related to my new cosmological vision on the universe

My paintings are for sale. Contact: dan.visser@planet.nl or Phone: +31 36 54 99 701


My most recent painting.

"Cosmic Change" (2018), 100 x 120 cm, acryl on canvas, framed-in luxourly (124 x 144 cm), for sale (by mutual negociation), just as all my other paintings.

My paintings are for anyone who loves new art and exclusive for collectors and musea. I have a special announcement to do: A large part of my painting-collection, about 65 paintings, plus the author-rights of my articles, included my painting style-name (duonisme®), are for sale in mutual negociations. Make a bid. Lowest bid-limit 950.000 Euro. The five large paintings are part of this available amount of paintings shon below. Contact me via the e-mail: dan.visser@planet.nl or by phone +31 36 54 99 701 for more information and appointment.


A look at Dan's paintings at home.

These are the five large paintings, as a part of my selfmade collection of more than 65 paintings, at my home. They are for sale. The measures are 100 x 120 cm, on high quality-frame sand canvas, with high quality acryl-paint and luxuously framed-in as 125 x 144 cm. For more details, look at:  http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=23.

Some other paintings from Dan's collection:

http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=23; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=65; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=58; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=57; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=60; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=16

Contact information:

Ing. Dan Visser (DAN), Almere, the Netherlands, phone +31 36 54 99 701,

or email: dan.visser@planet.nl.           

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