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DAN-artist universe

DAN-artist universe

Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands

with his New theory for the Universe.

The Big Bang never has happened. The Big Bang-universe is not fundamental. The Big Bang-universe is induced by the 'Rotating Hologram-Universe'.

I also make paintings related to my new cosmological vision on the universe described in my articles in an overview www.vixra.org/author/dan_visser.

My paintings are for sale (dan.visser@planet.nl or Phone: +31 36 54 99 701)

"The paintings of DAN".


DAN in 2017, five of his large paintings, and his book New Cosmology (in Dutch).

Ing. Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands, is a retired independent cosmologist and also an art-painter.

My most recent painting.

"Cosmic Change" (2018), 100 x 120 cm, acryl on canvas, framed-in luxourly (124 x 144 cm), for sale (by mutual negociation), just as all my other paintings.

My paintings are for anyone who loves new art and exclusive for collectors and musea. I have a special announcement to do: A large part of my painting-collection, about 65 paintings, plus the author-rights of my articles, included my painting style-name (duonisme®), are for sale in mutual negociations. The above shown five large paintings are part of this available amount of paintings. Contact me via the e-mail: dan.visser@planet.nl or by phone +31 36 54 99 701 for more information and appointment.

Dan's theory for a new origin of the universe seen from his scientific point of view.

We know information can be projected on a sphere. However a sphere can be transformed in a torus. The information then will be at the surface of a torus. That’s one part of the story. The other part is, I discovered that dark gravity causes a much larger universe than the Big Bang-universe. This means the Big Bang-universe is caused by a much more fundamental universe, which is: The rotating hologram-universe. This rotation is a torus-rotation (the new perception) and affects our consciousness existing in an induced (suggestive) Big Bang-universe. This is the reason for the experience of a changing and exchanging informative material world, - as the Big Bang suggests to us –, embedded in an accelerating expanding vacuum (which is also suggestive). Well, that’s in short what’s keeping me busy.

So, new Cosmology considers a new physical model for the universe. This means: No Big Bang-universe, however, The Big Bang-universe becomes a second order universe. The new origin of the universe is upgraded to a rotating hologram-universe. We also are a hologram within this hologram-universe. We don't experience such, because we feel us assembled of solid material buildingblocks. However, as well as our 'soul', as our material 'manifestation' is related to a rotating hologram-universe. Thereby the 'soul' is related to more refined timedensities in kwantumvacuum than the mass and time-densities of General Relativity. The slow rotation of the inner parts of the hologram-universe cause our solid-material existence, but our 'soul still is related to the origin of the rotating hologram-universe'', which is a subquantumvacuum with refined time-densities that influence more than we would like the changes in our 'spiritual' and 'physical' universe. The overview of my articles can be found on:

Rotating Hologram-Universe.

The thought that the universe is a hologram, is not new. However, my analysis and basic-descriptions, posits a hologram-universe twhich also rotates! This changes the Big Bang-universe into a rotating torus of dark matter, whereof at the inside we experience the quantum- and visible universe. We only know about the theory of Relativity and quantum-theory for now, either-or in combination with eachother. However, the universe as a Big Bang-universe is an 'induced' perception, caused by the rotation of the hologram-universe. That gives us the impression we deal with a accelerated expanding Big Bang-universe. But that is not real. It is 'suggestive'. It is not fundamental. At any place one is located in the rotating hologram, everywhere an accelerated expanding Big Bang-universe is experienced. A future technology with dark matter and dark energy will make it possible to migrate to other places in the rotating hologram-universe. That will offer a new way of travelling trhough-out the universe. Spacetime will be second in order. Spacetime is only needed for manifestation. Not for travelling. Travellling will happen be by refined time in the hologram-universe. So, not by means of 'wormholes', as with General Relativity is predicted. That is too limited. That idea is overruled by travelling by refined time in the rotating hologram-universe. General Relativity is part of a higher order universe, called the hologram-universe.

In ‘new cosmology' the main is issue is to allow refined physics 'smaller than the Planck-scale'. This is a scale smaller than the smallest limit for space-time. This addition changes the model of the universe from a Big Bang-universe into a rotating hologram-universe. The inview in material structures, thus also the one of ourselfs, also changes within that mentioned hologram. Our 'soul' participates within that.!The refinement of physiscs is performed by ‘duo-bits’ in vacuüm. 'Duo-bits' are a deeper process for physiscs of the universe by being the buildingblocks for the refined physics, also for the benifit for the 'soul'. There are needed 17 x 1053 'duo-bits' for recalculating 23,379 x 106 kwantum-bits. One quantum-bit is 0,724 x 10-65cm2 according to the holographic principal of G. 't Hooft. The accelerated expansion of the Big Bang-universe changes thereby in a 'suggestive dynamics', hence being a phenomenon at deeper origin, which menas the Big bang-universe is not fundamental. The cause of the 'suggestive' Big Bang-universe is the rotation of the hologram-universe.


In fig. (1) is given an illustration of the Double Torus Theory for the Rotating Hologram-Universe by ing. Dan Visser (Almere The Netherlands) . The term ‘Double Torus’ means that ‘time smaller than the Planck-time’ and a 'sub-division of the quantum-unity', takes part in physics and cosmology. Shown is a second torus (light-coloured), which encloses the inner darker torus. The 'surface-thickness' of the darker coloured torus rotates. This is the rotating ‘dark matter-torus' in my theory. 'Dark matter' does not exist above the Planckscale in my theory. Dark matter is crumbled vacuüIn. The buildingstone of crumbled vacuüm is a new energy-tennsor ( Tdan ) that exists of an expanding or contracting torus in the form of a duo-bit. This is a subdivision of the kwantumbit (reference: http://vixra.org/abs/1711.0435.

‘Above the Planck-scale’ means looking into the smaller darker coloured torus. There is the presence of the kwantum- and materialized world of today. That's where General Relativity and the Newton-gravity exists. In the opposite direction, directed to the outside of the larger light coloured torus, the domain 'below the Planck-scale' exists, wherein refined-time increasingly becomes smaller than the Planck-time. In that area incresingly the influence on the sub-division of the quantum-unity is fading away. That is the reason I draw an artificial-border for the larger light-coloured torus (where the red-coloured part of the image begins). This is the theory-limit of the rotating hologram-universe. These ideas are described in my framework of vixra-articles.

New definition of age in the rotating hologram-universe.

In the rotating hologram-universe a new perception of universe-age exists The age is determined by three types of rotation within the rotating hologram. In a former published article I have calculated the rotation of the dark matter-torus, which is about 35.000 billion years for one full rotation. The quantum-material torus takes about 15.000 billion years for a one full rotation. The light-torus, as the premordial light of the 'suggestive Big Bang' takes about 133 billion years for one full rotation. Meanwhile I calculated, that the observation of light in the precence, in an induced accelerated expanding Big Bang-universe, takes about 363 billion years for one full rotation. The three rotations give an average universe-age of 12.624 billion years for the hologram-universe. That is a lot more than the 13,6 billion years of the Big Bang-universe age.

It is possible to order my book (in dutch) 'Nieuwe Kosmologie', wherein I tell more about how a found my new model for the universe and the background that was leading to it. My book can be ordered via my email: dan.visser@planet.nl, or by phone +31 36 54 99 701.

My paintings are inspired by my 'new cosmology'. They are for sale and fit a higher price-range.

Dan Visser (DAN), posing at the 'Oostvaarders plassen' in Almere, the Netherlands.


A quick look at Dan's paintings at home.

These are the five large paintings, as a part of my selfmade collection of more than 65 paintings, at my home. They are for sale. The measures are 100 x 120 cm, on high quality-frame sand canvas, with high quality acryl-paint and luxuously framed-in as 125 x 144 cm. For more details, look at:  http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=23.

Some other paintings from Dan's collection:

http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=23; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=65; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=58; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=57; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=60; http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=16

More information:

Ing. Dan Visser (DAN), Almere, the Netherlands, phone +31 36 54 99 701,

or email: dan.visser@planet.nl.           

Look at the overview of my articles in www.vixra.org/author/dan_visser

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