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Time Torus



A new (pre) cosmological model
(Space is of secondary importance)


'A Short Article On A Newly Proposed Model Of Cosmology' > > viXra:0909.0005 [pdf] submitted on 1 Sep 2009 the category 'Relativity & Cosmology'.

'Mathematical and Phenomenological Elements of the Twin-Tori Model of Physics and Cosmology':  viXra:0910.0016 [pdf] submitted on 11, Oct 2009 in the category Mathematical Physics.

A New Quantum Gravity Framework Based on the Twintori Model of Cosmology. (Part 1) viXra:0911.0061 [pdf ] submitted on November 2009 in the catagory Asrophysics.

In 2004 I developed a formula for dark energy force. At that time I didn’t realize that one day 'two young English physicists/mathematicians' would use my formula in their quantum-theory equations. My formula emerged from a theoretical thought-experiment. Hypothetically a small and large black hole were scaled away from each other. Why? Because the radiation for a large as well as a small black hole could introduce an equal time-path for both. An observer should be able to receive ‘information from the past and present at the same time’. In such a case the whole universe could be combined in one domain simultanuously (‘black holes’ and the ‘gap’ of the universe).
The fundamental way to measure this is ‘observation of its temperature’ (!).
We are used to do this with light. Easy, because every lightwave has its own typical temperature. However, Hawking-radiation (radiation caused by evaporation of a black hole) is rather difficult to observe. We have never measured that yet. The only possibility is a hypothetical (mind) observation, and translate that into a (new) ‘refined’ chance-principle (looking into black holes in two steps based on the temperature of Hawking-radiation). The first step moves from the inside outwards to the event-horizon (which is an unknown area) and further outwards to the light-horizon. Then the emitted (entangled) light moves its way towards an observer.
The event-horizon of a black hole becomes smaller due to the evaporation of black holes. Small black holes evaporate faster and more intense than large ones. ‘Entangled photons’ escape as ‘information’. So, I resumed that quantum-mechanics must be powered by a force from inside the black hole. This force should be the direct information for the quantum-mechanics. Thus this force should be located below the Planck-scale.
I translated the idea into a mathematical approach with as a result a formula for dark energyforce. This formula includes normal (positive) gravitational mass, while the total formula produced a (negative) force to expand matter. Thus dark matter and dark energy are presented in one formula.
Then in 2008 I imagined that time could be the main-issue in our universe (by ‘information’) and space was just a inevitable necessity to recalculate that time-process. But therefore time needed to have 3 dimensions. The most direct motive for this idea was, that the Big Bang-universe was only driven by one time-direction (determined by the accelerated expansion as an entropic effect; entropy is the chaotic expansion of energy), which is an anomaly in physics of the 20-th century. The reason: quantummechanics is based upon two time-directions.
Furthemore dark energy and dark matter were assumed to play a crucial role in the expansion of the universe. However, only for dark matter observations were stated. Meanwhile I realized that a black hole could be turned inside-out. This conversion emerged into a torus. So, I called my new model the ‘time-torus’. The torus stands for the dark matter and the enclosed centre by the torus is the dark energy. This has become my (new) cosmological model, where the dark energy has a spherical form.
However, in June 2009 'a young English physicists/mathematician' contacted me. We exchanged our ideas in short. He wrote me, he had used my formula for the dark energyforce in his mathematical non-standard quantum-techniques. Then he wrote me of an ‘amazing’ result (!!): He found a second torus of dark energy, which enclosed an inner torus of dark matter. I understand that this could be related to my ‘time-torus’. I suggested to call this ‘twin tori’.
So, we decided to work on a joint publication.
The ‘time-torus’ can be considered as a (pre) new cosmological model. It postulates that every possible universe is a ‘time-torus, large or small, that makes no difference. It looks like a ‘new kind of hologram’. Not a hologram based on phase-differences of light (as usual), but a hologram based on multiple ‘time-tori’, which introduce an observation of transparent ‘time-information’
Imagine a universe where ‘time’ manifests in 3 dimensions. A universe where space is needed for the recalculation of an extended time-world.
In the ‘time-torus’ time is supposed to be caused by three effects. First the rotation of the dark energy-sphere in a centre enclosed by the torus, secondly by the rotation of the torus itself, and the thirdly by the rotation of the torus-diameter (inside-outward).
The dark energy-sphere might be transformable by turning the centre ‘inside-out’ too. Then, as a result, the second dark energy-torus should appear. The dark matter-torus would be embedded by a second larger torus of dark energy. I couldn’t prove that, but 'two young English physicists/mathematicians' did.
In this way the ‘time-torus’ is replacing the dynamic effect of the Big Bang. So, it is not anymore a matter of a collapsing universe, or a universe that ripps apart. It is a universe, based on the recalculation of ‘entangled information’, which becomes available from the inside of a black hole. Comparable to my formula for dark energyforce.
The implication is that all matter and all beings will be part of this recaulation-process. This occurs in 3-time dimensions. The ‘information’ for the recalculation will be available at the curved surface of the torus. However, not every torus is as large as the other, which means not always ‘all’ the information will be available. As a consequence a perfect torus-universe will not be possible and one will differ slightly from the other. However the optimum could be real similar.
The ‘recalculated-information’ has to be considered as a ‘sub-information’. It postulates that quantummechanics is powered by it. So, quantum-mechanics, as well as relativity, keep their validity in the ‘time-torus’. It’s not a question of the Big Bang being ‘true’ or ‘not’. The point is the Big Bang consists of an illusive dynamics. A single-frame time-torus, belonging to an arsenal of ‘time tori’, are causing a transparent reality with 3-dimensional time as a main property and space as a secondary (informative) tool.
This article is an extract of my more fully article 'timetorus', which has been send to Christopher Forbes. For more information and publication, email to dan.visser@planet.nl (juridical terms applied on this article and website, see the appropriate button of this webpage).