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Juridical Terms


This website www.darkfieldnavigator.com was opened on April 14, 2008 and is regurlarly updated. This website is owned by Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands. No rights can be derived from this website. It is allowed to place the link of this website in any other website, in an email, or in facebook, however, not in any other circumstances, as long I am the owner of this website.

Special attention has to be given to the following:

All rights reserved 2008-2016 by D.C.M. Visser (DAN), and the years after, Almere, the Netherlands. This includes the protection of my creative product and the protection of my intellectual property, as well as my paintings, my painting-pictures, my science-vixra-articles and my textual website-describtions. Moreover, specifically for my paintings I demand the following issue: It is not allowed to digitally manipulate photographic pictures of my paintings, neither to damage my paintings by new paint.

The author-rights of my vixra-articles are also my property. In case the author-rights of my vixra-articles are being sold no royalties over these articles have to be paid to me after sale.

No one is permitted to copy, broadcast, download, store (in any medium), transmit, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way, the content of Dan Visser 's webpages for any other purpose, or what-so-ever, without the prior written permission of Dan Visser.

My website-pages are often modified with my latest insights. Contact me for the latest information. Requests to use one of my text-pages and / or images,for publication could be send to email: dan.visser@planet.nl.

In case rejection of submitted articles to other institutions than the vixra-archive are fact, will automatically imply that my submitted articles remain completely under my author-rights and demands  prior written permission by Dan Visser to use them agian for what-so-ever function.

Violation and Mis-use of my juridical terms will be prosecuted.

Dated: April 14 2008

[historical note: My old website http://home.planet.nl/~dan.visser, dated from 1999, has been made disfunctional by the dutch internet company KPN, because of their inconsistent internal software policy, and without having taken care for the consequences towards their users-homepages at that particular time. I then have been financially compensated for that. Afterwards I hosted my website at webspacedesign under www.darkfieldnavigator.com]