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DAN's 'early collection'.

- paintings from the past since he started painting -

 contact: dan.visser@planet.nl


Dan Visser (DAN) in 2008 (photographed by his wife Nydia M. de Keyzer).


Pictures above: In 1968 DAN made a visionairy painting (in oil), which expressed a future-reality of having three children.

Below: My first painting, which reached publicity in 1968.


 "People of the flock 1968" was published on January 27 in 1968 in the "Harlem-Newspaper" as an eye-catcher of a school-exhibition of the Coornhert-Lyceum in the Fish-hall at Haarlem, the Netherlands. The painting was given "no name" by the art-journalist Snoing. He predicted my talent. The painting was sold at the exhibition to the father of Eugene van Leewen at Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Nowadays she takes care for the painting (juridical terms applied).

"Hollebollegijzen" 1968 (de nederlandse naam voor "people on the flock") is een op 27 Januari 1968 gepubliceerd schilderij in de Haarlemse Courant naar aanleiding van een schoolexpositie van het Corrnhertlyceum in de Vishal te Haarlem. Het schilderij werd destijd "naamloos" genoemd door kunstjournalist Snoing. Hij voorspelde mijn talent. Het schilderij werd tijdens de expositie in de Vishal aangekocht door de vader van Eugene van Leeuwen uit Zandvoort. Tegenwoordig zorgt zij voor het schilderij (juridical terms applied).


However, two older paintings are shown below:

1966 (up and below): 'Rob Vrees', my best friend from the sixties, and still he is !! (aquarel about 40 x 50 cm; private property Rob Vrees).


Further developement in Dan's Art since then:


"Menkind in space",  DAN 1969, oil on canvas, 70 x 80 cm (juricial terms applied).


"In the heart of the galaxy", DAN 1998, mixed technique, 60 x 80 cm. This painting represents "looking through reality", observing with an "other eye", not receiving information by light, but by an other energy-field effective on the brains (juricial terms applied).


"Neutrino's shine through reality", DAN 1998, charcoal, pastel and aquarel. This painting represents observations by neutrinos instead of light. This is one of the first paintings, which can be related to my later developed "darkfieldtheory", a theory which is based on my "duonistic neutrinos". These form the dark-energy and dark-matter building-blocks for a reality to be recalculated (juricial terms applied).



"Vaccum and energy", DAN 2002, aquarel on panel, 100 x 120 cm. This painting represents a second unknown energy in vacuum: dark energy and dark matter (juricial terms applied).



"The discovery of telepathy", DAN 2001, aquarel on panel, 100 x 120 cm. This painting expresses the awareness of telepathy as a propagation of a darkfield (juricial terms applied). 


"The mysterious time in the big and small universe", Dan 2004, aquarel on panel, 100 x 120 cm. This painting indicates that at very small scale time acts different than in normal space. In my darkfieldtheory three dimenensional time enables spacetime to be recalculated (juricial terms applied).


"Darkfield-recalculation of quantum-dynamics", DAN 2005, aquarel on panel, 100 x 120 cm. The darkfield is below the quantummechanics and changes the chance-principle at quantum-level. In the image are pictures of Spain, Carihuela and flowerfields in Holland (juricial terms applied).


"Royal Lotus elevated by a dark energy", DAN 2000, aquarel on panel, 60 x 80 cm (juricial terms applied).


"On the dish to the new light", DAN 2001, aquarel on panel, 60 x 80 cm (juricial terms applied).


"Exotic world", DAN 1998, aquarel on panel, 50 x 70 cm. In privat-property of Thijs Visser, DAN's youngest son (juricial terms applied). Not available (in private collection)


"Feeling of fractalisation and recalculation of small nature up to galaxy-sizes", DAN 1998, aquarel on canvas, 50 x 70 cm (juricial terms applied).


"Wave of the 21-th century", DAN 1996, aquarel on panel, 60 x 80 cm (juricial terms applied).



"Exolife", DAN 1996, aquarel on panel, 50 x 60 cm (juricial terms applied).


"Church village in Cosmology", DAN 1990, charcoal,pastel and aquarel, 60 x 80 cm on paper (juricial terms applied).


"Flowers and cosmic energy", DAN 1993, charcoal, pastel and aquarel, 70 x 90 cm on paper (juricial terms applied).


"Garden of the universe", DAN 1992, charcoal, pastel and aquarel, 100 x 120 cm on paper (juricial terms applied).


Many more paintings are part of the Art Collection of DAN.

contact: dan.visser@planet.nl.