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    DAN's New Cosmology DAN *1947, photographed in 2008.

Contact: Email dan.visser@planet.nl / phone +31 (0) 36 54 99 701   


                                            New Theory for the Universe: Double Torus Theory (DTT). The universe is a Rotating-Time-Torus.

                                                                                                             Slogan: Forget the Big Bang !!

             DAN's New Art   one of DAN's paintings from 2013. 

DAN's view on the Cosmos is a synthesis of formulations and evidence of existing observations and experiments.
The Universe is a Time-Torus-Universe. That universe rotates. This is an eternal rotation. But events don't come back in the same way. Events in the Time-Torus-Universe are recalculated. So, forget the Big Bang ! The space-time of the Big Bang universe is an illusion. That space-time is also very limited to travel in. The light-speed in space-time is the cause of that limitation and described in the theory of relativity. This limitations can be violated by the acknowledgement that an extension of time-dimensions smaller than time at the Planckscale is added to a new cosmological model. That is what I did. I developed theoretical formulations, which are described in the Double Torus Theory (abbreviated as DTT), describing why, and how, the arguments of 2D time-dimensions extra (called 'refined time') should be implemented in a new force. One part of that new force is a rotating dark matter-flow, which composes the completely rotating 'universe-system' and is balanced with Newton-quantum- gravity. In this way the 'refined time' is adding very tiny events to the quantum-dynamics, wherein a quantum-state is an undividible unit. However, in the DTT, a quantum-state is recalculated by these 'refined events'. As a consequence the extra time- extension makes dark matter not made by solid matter, but by a new type of neutrinos called 'duonistic neutrinos' in the DTT. The dark matter-composition (flow and duonistic neutrinos) therefore generates a force at sub-quantum level. This dark matter-force is combined in one formula with quantum-gravity. So, dark matter is like '2D-refined time-densities' , more than like a solid paricle. Nevertheless I was able to translate this 'dark matter time-density' into a conventional energy-density that emerged a light-surface per second. In such away dark matter indirectly generates approximately 4.45% visible mass in an illusive space-time world (gravity is not fundamental). I said indirectly, because the equivalent calculated dark matter energy-density-value of 387 GeV per (3um3) is ahead of the Higgs-mass of 126 GeV per c2.. Such a generation of fundamental mass takes place at the edge of any rotating time-torus at sub level, where 'refined events' recalculate the quantum-states. In this way a physical location becomes present within the complete rotating system of the large Universe-Time-Torus. So far, this means that existentiality (in a physical universe) is an existence at the edge of a rotating sub-time-torus. The ralated DTT-dynamics are applicable on everyone who is aware of being present in such a rotating time-universe. Therefore it is important to switch the perception to current experments and observations that already have offered the availability of evidence. Several types of evidence are described in my vixra-articles. I invite scientist to contact me about that.
Latest paper: www.vixra.org/abs/1501.0184     Overview papers: www.vixra.org/author/dan_visser

Website: Last update: February 27 2015.

This website is owned by (ing.) Dan Visser (DAN), Almere, the Netherlands, who is an independent cosmologist and Art-painter (retired). The website shows the proclamation of a new cosmological theory inclusive a series of own made paintings from my private painting-collection. An overview of my science-articles is shown on www.vixra.org/author/dan_visser.

Sales: The author-rights of my scientific articles in the vixra-archive are for sale for the ask-price of 157,280  euro. My style-name Duonisme® is for sale for the ask-price of 125,000 euro. Many of my paintings are for sale too, for the ask-prices, varying from 2,000 to 230,000 euro per painting (see further on this website).

Biography: I have always been painting since my childhood. But I also studied institutional electronics, general-management and (as an autodidact) art-history, science-history and politics. For me regularly painting means: Picking-up what physical-reality fundamentally is. This has always been the main issue throughout my technical- and management period in the past. Nowadays I am retired. I am an independent cosmologist doing theoretical research on physical cosmology solely. My slogan is: Forget the Big Bang! But such a slogan is blocked by the institutional scientific politics, despite the evidence I establish for an alternative of the Big Bang Universe by means of the Double Torus Universe. I proclaim that is an eternally recalculating 'rotating time-torus-universe'. I have proof for such a universe by several institutional performed experiments and observations, despite the institutions themselves do not synthesize these results sufficiently to be aware of an other shape of the universe with different dynamics. My science-articles in the vixra-archive chronologically describe the framework of Double Torus Theory.

Double Torus Theory (DTT): The Double Torus Theory (DTT) is the theory I started to work on in 2004. In 2009 I got email-support by Christopher Forbes (UK and member of the FRAS). He analyzed my new original 'dark-energy-force-formula' to adapt it to an existential universal dimension. Then I lost contact with him beginning 2011. From that moment on I wrote several articles solely about the Double Torus Universe, which were submitted to the vixra-archive (category: mathematical physics). The articles describe how a new dark energy force exists of a combination of quantum Newton-gravity and dark matter-force. These formulations show that the Big Bang does not exist, but is an illusionary universe within the Double Torus Universe. The DTT is wider and proclaims it is an eternally rotating universe. This is continuously recalculated by 'refined time'. Refined time here means: 2D-time extra and smaller than Planck-time. Such a 'refined time' is the limit for conventional time in the Big Bang Theory. 'Refined time' applied to new dark energy is described in the DTT. Still General Relativity Theory (GRT) and Quantum-Theory (QT) are maintained valid. However, traditional research and commercial journalism, can hardly imagine GRT and QT would exist in a new cosmological model as the DTT. 'Refined time' is applicable on dark matter! Scientist still doesn't understand what dark matter is. I found what it is by describing it in a totally new concept. Dark matter in the DTT means: No solid dark matter, but dark matter as 'time-densities'. Current theories can hardly believe dark matter without solid particles, but in the DTT new dark matter is based on that 'refined time'. 'Refined time' affects a new type of neutrinos (called 'duonistic neutrinos'in the DTT). On this point I refer to the tachyon-theory (Sudarshan and colleages, 1962) and axion-theory (Peccei-Quin 1977). Both are related to dark matter in the DTT. On one hand calculations made on both cross-reference-theories prove values for very small neutrino-masses 0.1 eV energy based on using the 2D-time smaller than the Planck-time, which matches an imaginary tachyon-mass prediction (faster than light with -0.11 eV energy being a neutrino), and on the other hand a value for axion-dark matter mass-density on 0,0843 GeV/cm3, - cross-references mention 0.05 GeV/cm3 - but my value is recalculated from the original and more dimensional dark matter time-densities, which can also be translated to an energy-density in the conventional Big Bang model. Thereby the axion-theory says: One axion will decay from out of 'the dark' (being not faster than light) into two gamma-photons, while maybe the sun produces these axions, and which collide on the earth's magnetic-field that faces the sun. However, crucial to understand in this case is: The tachyon is imaginary faster than light, but is a non-imaginary 'duonistic neutrino' in the DTT (however, also able to be faster than light, and even not faster than light). The 'duonistic neutrino'  therefore could become an axion (heavier than the 'duonistic neutrino'). Therefore we deal with states of dark matter. This dark matter is related to the combined force of quantum-gravity and dark matter-force in the DTT. 

The Double Torus Universe is topologically a second torus of 'refined time' enclosing and intertwining the inner dark matter torus.That  makes the torus of a 'double' shape. Pratically it is a rotating dark matter torus generating a visible material window of about an amount of 4.5%. Herewith the dark matter 'time-densities' affect the quantum-dynamics in a deeper layer of vacuum. These 'time-densities' perform a recalculation of the classic quantum-daynamics, which in turn rule about reality and the GRT. My formulation of the Newton quantum-force and new dark matter-force makes a complete new dark energy-force to exist in the DTT. Such is a different dark energy than the old dark energy in the GRT based on the 'cosmological constant', introduced by Albert Einstein in 1916. New dark energy-force eliminates the extreme large quantum vacuum-energy when calculated by the QT and if placed in the Double Torus Universe.

My formulations are more simple than the formulations from otther alternative (and current) theories. Still a cognitive perception of the universe changes it from a Big Bang Universe into a Double Torus Universe. How sad it is to notice the Big Bang is still promoted by institutional students as the 'truth' of a physics reality. Of course the GRT is important, but that it fits in a wider rotating time-torus universe, wherein the time smaller than the Planck-time is involved. I synthesized a lot of evidence-issues for the DTT, partially from my own formulations within the DTT-framework and partially from several experiments held in the past and recently. I sequentially wrote my articles about this, which can be studied n the vixra-archive. The articles chronologically make up piece by piece the total developement of my Double Torus Theory. I regurlarly add new articles to the vixra-archive. The development is not yet finished. I invite mathematicians to deliver a pure mathematical framework for the DTT. All my articles are registered without having transfered my author-rights and readable in the vixra. These article are also in my property as a complete set of personal printed article-collection. Since recently the author-rights of my vixra-articles are for sale.

Media-invitations: contact dan.visser@planet.nl.

 * About myArt *About independent cosmology  *About also interesting paintings for collectors and investers.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDHSGkyevUk&feature=youtu.be.

Twitter: @DANheelal

For the Dutch-readers there is my BLOG: http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=85

Juridical terms of my website: http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=20; No rights can be derived from this website.



DAN's Art.

My art and vixra-articles are related to my New Cosmology as different Art-styles and thoughts. The imagination of another function for the universe, which is another function than the Big Bang, is symbolic for my Art. Until now this is kept out of the field of knowledge for society by the institutional science and the traditional journalism. The value of my paintings is related to future importance of my scientific articles and may be an attractive source for investors. Meanwhile the institutional science will grow slowly. At a certain point in time the acknowledgement of my insights might be recognized: Then the value of my paintings might grow proportionally !

Some thumbnail-images of my paintings are:




A series of Paintings in different styles.

My Art-style is registered as 'Duonisme®'. This name is for sale (ask-price: see "sales" in the introduction, or the chapter below). What is 'Duonisme ? Well, not only 'dualism' as it is known from Standard-physiscs and -cosmology by particle- or wave-determination is part of the perception of the universe (quantum-theory), but also a 'sub-quantum dynamics' in my new cosmological theory (DTT) determines our reality! Remarkably a reference to existing experiments and observations is shown as evidence. But the traditional journalism is focust on institutional science-items and explanations by conservative scientists. However, in my view not only planets, stars and galaxies rotate in the universe, but the whole universe rotates as a Torus System. This 'system' is subdivided in sub-time-tori on which each of us lives at the edge, for as well in (relativity) time and additionally in 'two dimensions time smaller than the Planck-time' (refined time). So, forget the Big Bang! The inflation-theory in a Big Bang universe is an illusion! In the DTT a recalculation-process is the hot-issue. Artistically this expressed in my paintings as 'different styles'. As a matter of fact I know two other art-painters in history, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, who were not binded by one style. Where Picasso understood the psychology in art, it was Dali who in his time adored the discovery of General Relativity by Einstein, which inspired him by using that new perception of time in the universe of mid 20-th century in his paintings. My paintings, however, with their 'duonisme' and scientific new cosmological theory of the rotating torus-universe inspires me to make my paintings as I do.  

Large paintings in my home are for sale. 

For Sale: Four of DAN's extraordinary paintings at his home (acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cm and painted from 2008 till 2011); sophisticated framed-in by spanisch frames of 136 cm x 146 cm.  The paintings relate strongly to my New Cosmology (DTT). The ask-price is 225,930 Euro per painting (two-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-nine-hundred-thirty) The ask-price for all four (discounted) is 843,720 Euro (eight-hundred-forty-three-thousand-seven-hundred-twenty); ask-prices are before dutch tax.

For Sale: The ask-price for the author-rights of my vixra science-articles is 157,280 Euro (hundred-fifty-seven-thousand two-hundred-eighty); ask-price is before dutch tax.

For Sale: My style-name Duonisme® for 125,000 Euro.


The painting below ('New Cosmology') I dedicated to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands during the installation of the King.


Left: 'New Cosmology' (This ask-price is on special request). Right: 'New Cosmology' accompanied by two other (smaller) paintings; the paintings are all exposed in my own home. 

"The painting 'New Cosmology’ is painted in acrylic on high quality-canvas and measures 100 x 120 cm (not yet frame in). I promoted this painting as my dream for the new King Willem-Alexander en Queen Maxima in the Netherlands. The painting expresses the universe for changing society also from a phylosophical point of view. That means: No Big Bang, or, no Big Bounce, as wel as no cascade of Big Bangs. 'New Cosmology' stands for a recalculating universe, which is rotating and eternal. This imagination is psychologically, socially and economically of a broader interest. That is a necessity for the future of our world and countries. This might be seen as my dream, however, also as my message for a real existence! "
The two small paintings at the right above (left-side):

Left: "Torus Flamingo", this painting is a real collectors item!! Acrilic on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, FOR SALE (ask-price) 3,500 Euro, painted in Spain. The painting symbolizes the crises in Spain. Spain will survive. The painting is framed-in sophisticated in a modern black-gold frame. Right: 'Barbados Waves', acrylic on paper, 30 x 40 cm, framed-in in 40 x 50 cm gold-coloured frame and for sale for (ask-price) 2,950 Euro (this painting is part of my Barbados-collection (9 pieces) ). The complete Barbados-series is for sale! The nine pieces are shown further on this webpage. 

For Sale (showing below): The painting at the left is a pre-version painted in 2012 ahead of my sub-quantum paintings painted a year later (2013) in Spain. The painting on the right was a year before (2011).

On the left: Th painting is from 2012 and called: 'Deeper Quantum World', 30 x 40 cm, acrylic on paper (framed-in in a black frame, 40 x 50 cm) and for sale (ask-price) 2,150 euro. On the right: The painting is from 2011 and called 'Parasols in the heat', acrylic on panel, 33 x 47 cm (framed-in in a black-cold coloured frame) and for sale (ask-price) 2,500 euro.
For Sale (showing below): The collection of the sub-quantum world (as I said painted in Spain in 2013).
This subquantum-collection is for sale for (suggested price) 3,150 euro each; all six for sale (asking price) 15,750 euro. All framed-in in silver-coloured frames.
1-Sub Quantum World   2-Sub Quantum Dynamics   3-Small and Large Blackhole   4-Dark Energy Space   5-Recalculating Dark Matter   6-Happy Dark Matter World.  The paintings are painted in acryl on paper. These paintings (32 x 45 cm) are framed (52 x 73 cm) in siver-coloured frames.
For Sale (showing below): My Bardados Collection from 2011 ! (painted in Barbados).
The paintings (1) (2) (3) acrilic on canvas-panel; 29 x 38 cm; black-gold-coloured framed-in;
(ask-prices) each 4,525 Euro, or 13,000 Euro all three.
(1) Flying Fish in the Sun; (2) Barbados Frequencies; (3) Moon in Barbados
The paintings (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) are acrilic on paper; 30 x 40 cm; cold-coloured framed-in;
(ask-prices) each 2,950 Euro, or 15,000 Euro all six.
(4) Fishes at the Beach; (5) The Beach Terras; (6) Chattel Village; (7) Hairy in his boat; (8) Sailboat at the Beach; (9) Tourist Boat.
For Sale: A few of my early cosmological paintings !
This cosmological collection is for sale (ask-prices) 1,950 euro each; all three for 5,200 euro.
(1) Wave of the 21-st century (aquarel op panel, 1999), 50 x 60 cm; (2) Astronomcal Rose (aquarel op panel, 1998), 50 x 80 cm;
(3) Neutrino' pass through everything (mixed technique on paper 1998), 90 x 100 cm.
DAN's book     
DAN's new cosmological theory is offered as a collector's item (only 5 books signed).
My book describes the beginning of my Double Torus Theory to mid-2012. This is related to the articles I submitted to the vixra-archive till mid-2012. In my book a comparison is made with current ideas of cosmology. For me it is clear that imagination about cosmology depends a lot on interpretations, which the institutional science is not always willing to make; untill now it persists to the Big Bang as an addiction. I resist to that. I come up with theoretical facts, experimental relations and astronomical observations, which prove the universe is a rotating Double Torus Universe! The only thing needed is to convince Big Bang-believers they have to switch to another interpretation of cosmological perception. A lot of cosmologist, however, stiil haven't heard from my Double Torus Theory. Scientific journals are traditionally connected to institutions. They play on 'safe' by listening to the institutions. Accept the vixra-archive, which offers the opportunity to publish good-based ideas, although controversial, is open enough to the general media to communicate new ideas. I am very thankfull to the vixra-management! So, this book is a COLLECTOR's item,  because all of these dynamics! It is 76 pages content and illustrated with some of my paintings. I published it on own costs.
Note: Meanwhile the insights in the developement of my Double Torus Theory is increased. This does not change the basics described in my first book. However, I am cable to write a second book, which will communicate new aspects of the theory, which are not mentioned in the first release. Therefore, the first book has an historical meaning.
The book is for sale for 157 Euro.

Some mathematical clips about the dynamics of a torus:


An interesting spiritual clip that connects the new cosmology of the Dubbel Torus Universe to consciousness of people as part of the universe:



Dan and Nydia


Nydia M. de Keyzer and Dan Visser, married on July 22 2008.

This website is hosted by webspacedesign. The content of this website is written by Dan Visser. The content considers Dan's articles, paintings, images, illustrations and references, owned by Dan Visser. In one of the vixra-papers the expression 'Twin-Tori cosmological Model' is used; in this specific case the information is mutual to me and Christopher Forbes (UK) by means of a temporarilly co-operation through email-contact.  Since the beginning of 2011 that contact has been lost, unfortunatelly. All rights are reserved concerning the original findings of Dan Visser. This website is updated regularly. For more details, questions and publications, read 'juridical terms' http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=20.