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DAN paintings

Five remarkable paintings for one million euro.

Related to my new theory of the universe.

Requested: A buyer, art-collector, or museum. 

The five DAN-paintings visible in the picture above.

Why? My paintings are directly related to my NEW 'theory of the universe'. That's why they are special and collect-worthy to buyers and relative not expensive. The paintings represent my feelings and emotions about the developped of my new theory. This is described  in a large series of scientific articles, which is the framework called the Double Torus Theory (DTT)*.  

*No Big Bang. The DTT proclaims that the Big Bang is not the origine of the universe 13.8 billion years ago. In the DTT the universe wil never end ripped apart, or end as a large empty-cold universe. In the DTT we live in a 'Hologram of Gravity', which follows a much larger eternally rotating Time-Torus-universe (rTTU). That is more than the former idea of a 'hologram' for a material Big Bang-universe, which is based on 'information-calculations' related to thermic radiation and information-conservation on the event-horizon of blackholes.

I described formulas to prove the 'Hologram of Gravity' is part of three different 'tori', or so to say: Triple-Time-Torus (TTT). That is a COMPLETELY NEW constalation for the universe!

So, what my paintings represent is: Emotions and feelings of the development of my new cosmologigal theory. This may be a reason for buyers and collectors to contact me.

Be the first!

Ing. D.C.M. Visser (DAN), Almere, the Netherlands.

Phone: +31 36 54 99 701 , or email dan.visser@planet.nl

Two choices:

More about my paintings, follow: http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=23

More about the new universe-theory DTT, rTTU and paintings for sale, follow:  http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=90 .

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